About Ascent

Our Roots

Ascent Photo & Video emerged out of a passion for and appreciation of digital art, namely photography and videography. My fascination with photography began in 2010, when I received my first digital camera. I established Jamie Goldberg Photography in 2016, which evolved into Ascent Photo & Video in 2020. I have been photographing professionally for 4 years and specialize in family shoots,  weddings, commercial photography, special events, and passion projects. Based in Vermont and operating throughout the Northeast, Ascent Photo & Video offers high-quality digital photography and videography services.

Our Mission

Through the practice of mindfulness, I have adopted a photographic style in which I am constantly scanning for the perfect moment. In this way, I capture my subjects in their most  vulnerable and true forms. Ascent Photo & Video’s inspiration is deep-seated, but its philosophy is quite simple: take genuine photographs of people expressing themselves. Dedicated to quality, constant improvement, innovation, and creativity, Ascent Photo & Video is a service-based, client-centered business that helps you  feel good and look good during the moments that matter. Ascent Photo & Video strives to provide outstanding photographs that capture your special moments with authenticity, limitless creativity, and customized ingenuity. With a collaborative approach, I work closely with each client to ensure that the final gallery captures the true atmosphere of the event and the essence of the individual. By creating candid visual time capsules, Ascent Photo & Video  honors the uniqueness, love, passion, humor, and truth that its clients have to share.